Top 10 Best Free Anti-Phishing Solutions 2020

The rate at which the number of phishing scams across the globe is rising is alarming. In phishing scams, the adversaries introduce themselves as authentic and trustworthy entities to steal vital confidential information from users like social security numbers, credit, and debit card information, usernames, passwords, etc. It’s time to download and install an efficient anti-phishing software package to secure your computers from malicious actors and keep your information assets safe. The below list gives you the details of the Top 10 Best Free Anti-Phishing Solutions 2020 for you to choose from.

1. Total AV Pro 2020

Number one on our list of Best Free Anti-Phishing Solutions 2020 is the Total AV Pro 2020. This easy to use software has a whole lot of features in a compact security suite. The provider has loaded the software with Anti-Virus, VPN, detection of phishing URLs, ID protection, a browser and junk cleaner, and many other features. This anti-phishing solution can speed up your system, remove junk files, and provide protection from malware and other cyber threats. The advanced antivirus, along with real-time scanning, keeps a close eye on any unwanted malicious activity in the system and eliminates risks.

2. PC Protect

Keeping in mind the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, the PC Protect Antivirus brand has developed a modern, simple, and revolutionary solution for keeping the malicious cyber activities in complete control. The advanced features offered by PC Protect make it one of the Best Anti-Phishing Solutions. In the features department, this product has advanced antivirus with real-time protection as well as smart scanning. It has got a Firewall too. What’s more, there are the File Manager and System Booster features also.

3. Trend Micro

Trend Micro, a reputed brand in the global security industry, has been in the business since 1988. It has more than 30 years of experience in the system security field. Its anti-phishing features include ransomware protection, a secure browser for doing internet banking and other money transactions, advanced system optimization, etc. In addition to all these features, the software comes with the ability to scan OneDrive for any malicious files.

4. Norton

Norton Antivirus is a strong contender in this list of Top 10 Best Free Anti-Phishing Software 2020. This product from Symantec has been in the security suite industry for the last 25 years. With years of evolution, the brand now power packs the product with amazing features, great design, and a user-friendly interface. The Norton suite comes with the antivirus, spyware, malware as well as online threat defender. The premium version of the product is capable of protecting your smartphone and four additional devices. It also gives you access to an online web portal.

5. Bull Guard

Next in our list of Top 10 Best Free Anti-Phishing Solutions, 2020, is Bull Guard, an organization founded in 2001 and has specialization in the field of the internet and mobile security. It is known for its anti-phishing and antivirus tools, along with parental controls and mobile backup software. It has won six prestigious national awards for its market-leading protection. Added to the software’s anti-phishing capabilities are three main features: real-time protection, safe browsing, and spam filter. In the premium version, you’ll also get Bull Guard’s online backup software.


Next on our list is ESET (Essential Security against Evolving Threats), an IT Security brand based in Slovakia, founded in 1992. The brand develops anti-phishing, antivirus, and firewall products for both domestic as well as commercial users. ESET has won the Most Successful Slovak Company Award three consecutive times in the year 2008, 2009, and 2010.  The anti-phishing database of the suite is continuously updated so that the user can quickly get data concerning new phishing threats. The software compares URLs to the updated database. In case a match is found, the connection to that URL gets discontinued, and a warning message pops up on the screen. The protection tool automatically blocks any infected sites as you come across them.

7. McAfee

McAfee is one of the Giants in the Internet Security industry. It is not just an antivirus software package but also provides value-added features like password storing, anti-spam, encryption software, etc. The McAfee software does not merely focus on dealing with the problems that occur. Its specialization is in preventing any malicious attack before it happens or causes any damage to the system or the device of the user.

8. 360 Total Security

The 360 Total Security is excellent anti-phishing software that provides several features at an affordable price. The provider has been in business since 2005 and has been providing robust security tools for the protection of various devices. This anti-phishing solution offers a lot of features from the standard antivirus suite to anti-phishing and anti-malware tools. Additionally, the software provides a Wi-Fi security feature along with an online shopping protection tool. There is also a cleaning and speeding up tool for the smooth functioning of the device.

9. Mimecast

Mimecast is among the best anti-phishing software available in the market. It provides a cloud-based platform and does not require any purchase of hardware or software. Its anti-phishing features include the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway, which consists of advanced antivirus and anti-spam protection and Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection, which scans and detects any malicious URLs and blocks user’s access to it. It also comes with an attachment protection feature, sandboxing feature, and impersonation protection.

10. Scanguard

Scanguard is one of the newest brands in the cybersecurity market. The brand is trying to win hearts by providing advanced software and attractive design. It not only provides an antivirus solution but also includes performance enhancement as well as internet protection tools in its pack. One of the robust features of Scanguard is its fully operational real-time virus scanning which scans your PC by working in the background, and continuously detects anything malicious or suspicious that may have found its way into your system.

Final words On Free Anti-Phishing Solutions 2020

A malicious phishing attack can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your most valuable data. One cannot eliminate the chances of phishing attacks, but can surely evade them. Avoid any phishing attack targeting your valuable information assets by installing the right anti-phishing tool from our list of Top 10 Best Free Anti-Phishing Solutions 2020.


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