The 10 BEST Cybersecurity Masters Degree – USA Has To Provide

With growing concerns and awareness for cyber threats among organizations, demand for security officers is never going to slump. Here’s where to get your Cybersecurity Masters degree – in the USA.

Considering certain factors, we have devised a way of finding cybersecurity master’s degree online best colleges in the U.S. that will provide you sound cyber education.

So, let’s explore places in the U.S. where cybersecurity professionals are made.

1. Drexel University

Drexel University, USA, offers a professional educational program for cybersecurity learners who also want some flexibility and rigor while maintaining scholastic obligations. Their 45-quarter Masters of Science degree in Cybersecurity blends with both technical qualification and business education. The program offers competence in mathematics, computer networking, and other areas.

2. University of Delaware

UD is awarded the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. Their online cybersecurity master’s program is ideal for students with a background in computer science, engineering, and similar fields. Candidates learn from the experiences of active researchers and practitioners in the military and private sectors.

3. University of Dallas

This private Gupta College of Business is also among the top providers of cybersecurity master’s degree in the USA. Experienced professionals teach the skills of cyber defense, digital forensics, and penetration testing. The 30-credit online program also covers compliance, data protection, and operational cybersecurity management, among other topics.

4. New York University

The concept of ‘Anytime, Anywhere Learning’ is best indicated by the Tandon School of Engineering, New York University in the USA. This highly recognized global research institute teaches students to implement researched solutions in a practical scenario. The nine electives of the online cybersecurity master’s program provide training in digital forensics and machine learning education.

5. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is regarded as the nation’s research college and shares a stellar reputation for academics, teaching, and research. Its 10-course cybersecurity master’s degree online program trains on how to prevent attacks on information systems. You will also study on the subjects of intrusion detection, quantum, computation, vulnerability analysis, and reverse engineering.

6. Lewis University

The Catholic college is incorporated with small class sizes to teach learners with significant individual attention. The degree is equipped with research projects, coursework, and master’s thesis that students can complete in just one year. It’s 33 to 51 credit online cybersecurity master’s degree is concentrated on computer science and teaching enrollees on how to determine cyber threats.

7. Berkeley School of Information

The University of California, Berkeley, provides advanced education to all its cybersecurity learners. Enrollees gain technical skills by studying economic, behavioral, and legal impacts on the cyber world. This cybersecurity master’s degree consists of 9 courses that students can pursue almost 20 months. 

8. American Public University

American Public University, The School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math offers one of the renowned cybersecurity studies in the U.S. Not just the education, APUS also ensures the overall success of students as program outcomes. Their online cybersecurity master’s degree covers comprehensive programs to deal effectively with cyber issues in a practical scenario.

9. La Salle University

While honoring Lasallian Catholic heritage, La Salle University with 30 credits offers technical education in network security, computer science, information security, digital computer forensics, and internet fraud. Their intuitive coursework of Cybersecurity Master Degree – USA needs a minimum of 3.0 GPA in major such as electrical engineering, management science, or computer science.

10. San Diego University

The University of San Diego is another private Catholic college that offers students with the world’s prominent educational facilities. In the online Cybersecurity Masters Degree, professionals train enrollees to manage technical processes and resources related to cybersecurity. The MS Cybersecurity Operations and Leadership is ideal for students with a professional background in the information system or computer science.

Final Words

All the top 10 Cybersecurity Masters Degree – USA mentioned above can be accessed for global online learning. Enjoy the presence of academic education in the comforts of your home and become a cybersecurity professional! 


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