10 Best Password Encryption Tools

For any organization or individual, password encryption tools are the first line of defense for security against cyber attacks.

The first way to get access to any account is by entering the password. So, if your password is compromised, the adversaries will also have access to the confidential data present in your account. Hence, password protection and management are essential, and that can be possible by using an efficient password encryption tool, like CISCO Oracle password encryption tools.

The tool transforms the password into unreadable strings of characters, which makes it difficult to crack. Here are the ten best password encryption tools which can help you out:


Dashlane is among the most popular password encryption and management tools. It:

  • Offers the Two-Factor Authentication feature.
  • It provides a dark web monitoring feature in which the dark web scan is done to check logins, ID information, and financial data. In case there is an attempt to breach your identity, you are notified immediately.
  • Offers a standalone VPN facility.
  • Has got Password Changer and secure note sharing feature too.


When it comes to the best free plan password encryption tool, then LastPass offers the best features:

  • It shares encrypted passwords with one person at a time.
  • It checks the password security and indicates any old, less strong, as well as compromised passwords.
  • It offers multi-factor authentication feature.
  • It saves sensitive data in the cloud.


The tool offers one of the most efficient security and encryption features. It:

  • Ranks the password as per strength.
  • Quickly creates new passwords.
  • Offers two-factor authentication.
  • Scans the dark web for any type of hacked, compromised, or leaked login information.
  • Offers 10 GB cloud storage, which is encrypted.


RememBear is an easy to use password encryption and management tool:

  • It encrypts and syncs passwords, card information, and other notes across various devices.
  • Its mobile app enables you to use a biometric feature of Android and IOS for logging in.
  • It has a backup feature that generates NDK (New Device Key), which only you can get access to for helping you log in.
  • It offers unlimited password storage.


This password encryption tool has got an impressive security parameter:

  • It offers 256-bit AES encryption.
  • It provides two-factor authentication.
  • It has got a password generator.
  • It has a feature that analyzes password strength and offers better suggestions.


It is a cost-efficient tool that offers:

  • Family subscription plan for five individuals.
  • Two password vaults- Private and Public Vault.
  • Watchtower feature to notify in case of any breach.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Travel mode that hides confidential data when traveling and restores it when at home.
  • Password generation feature with password strength analysis feature.

7.Sticky Password

It is a nice password management tool which offers:

  • Secure digital wallet.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Auto form filling feature.
  • Secure cloud backup.
  • Secure password sharing.


It is a simple and effective password encryption tool which provides:

  • XChaCha20 encryption and zero-knowledge protocol.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Dark web monitoring.
  • Standalone VPN.
  • Secure online shopping.
  • Upgraded versions can support up to 6 devices.


It is an open-source tool which offers:

  • Multi-device syncing.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Online password vault.
  • Password strength assessing feature.
  • 1GB encryption storage.


It is a one-time purchase tool which has got features like:

  • Cloud syncing to sync encrypted data with the cloud.
  • Strong password creation feature.
  • Smart wearable support to access data using a smartwatch.
  • Biometric support for secured login.
  • Two-factor authentication feature.

Final Words

Passwords are the gateway to the vast expanse of information that resides in every person’s mailbox. A single breach is enough to compromise all the confidential data stored in one’s inbox. Therefore, we must use an efficient password encryption tool and improve our account’s security framework.

Here you ensure cybersecurity with free encryption tools.


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