MeanFi – The Money Streaming Protocol

MeanFi makes it easy to stream money to someone without resorting to the standard banking system. Thus, users are free of control, liquidity, and exchange value fluctuations.

MeanFi is a bank/financial institution with a difference because it does not have a centralized controlling authority. Instead, it is a self-custody, permissionless, and trustless bank that brings crypto and DeFi to everyday banking. MeanFi is a production Web3 app that developers can use as a starting point for constructing apps leveraging the Mean protocol. MeanFi has the backing of reputed investors like SoftBank, Solanium, Three Arrows Capital, BTS Capital, and Excalibur Capital, etc.

Primary Features

The principal features of MeanFi are as follows.

  • It offers more than a hundred smart routes optimized for the best price, reasonable fees, and no slippage
  • It provides more than $3.8 billion instant liquidity under a single roof.
  • It is possible to stream money to someone as many times as you want.
  • Smart exchange rates ensure there is minimal pricing impact on the fiat currency.

MeanFi serves as the best liquidity aggregator by offering the best exchange rates across the Solana platform. In addition, the Dollar Cost Averaging feature allows investors to invest small amounts every week and see their savings grow manifold.

Easy Streaming of Money

The Money Streaming Protocol allows members to send recurring remittances to others. It is an ideal model for remitting salaries because it makes streaming easier, convenient, and maintenance-free. Besides, it does not cost anything to remit money with MeanFi. The system does not require you to log in or satisfy KYC norms. Besides, there are no limits for transactions. Users can send as much money as they want.


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