10 Best Linux Encryption Tools-File And Disk Encryption

Privacy and security are vital in the current scenario. One needs to take several measures to safeguard the data. File encryption is one of the most suitable Linux encryption tools that encrypt sensitive data on different levels of granularity like file system-level, full-disk encryption, application-level, and database level.

The Linux encryption tools provide Full Disk Encryption and are suitable for the devices that are susceptible to theft or physical loss, such as laptops. The full disk encryption does not safeguard the data from the attempts like remote hacking. It is not at all suitable for encrypting the individual file. In this article, we shall explore the ten best encryption tools for Linux that safeguard the data and confidential information in a Linux system. Such Linux encryption tools are as follows:


This tool is an open-source Linux encryption utility created for the GNU or Linux operating system for allowing the users to mount the encrypted files without root privileges. Cryptmountworks by utilizing the new mechanism named devmapper.


It is also an open-source tool that is used for the easy encryption on the Linux or GNU systems along with backing up of files. It follows the Linux encryption program. By adopting a few well-tested standards as well as implementations, it aims to improve safety.


This tool is referred to as GPG, and it is an open-source and free collection of cryptographic mechanisms. It is one of the Linux file encryption tools. GnuPG is an acronym that stands for Gnu Privacy Guard. This tool has been created as a replacement for the Symantec’s PGP cryptographic software suite.


It is a cloud-based encryption tool that is also free and open source. Through this tool, one can safely store files anywhere in the system.


 It is an open-source tool for encryption that is used in mounting the folders of EncFS on Windows and Mac. It can be utilized for creating, exporting, editing, and changing the password of EncFS folders.


It is a freeware and multiplatform tool that is developed to provide users with on-the-fly encryption. It is used for encrypting the entire storage devices or only the selected partitions of the storage device using the pre-boot authentication.


 It is a disk-encryption subsystem and is also one of the Linux disk encryption tools. It is used for encrypting partitions, disks, and portable containers.


 It is an open-source, multiplatform, free, and popular file archiving application used for compressing files or groups of data into the containers, which is referred to as archives.


 It is an open-source and free tool referred to as an all-in-one collection of software for the disk-encryption on Linux.By implementing a POSIX-compliant encryption layer of filesystem-level, the tool aims to mirror the functionality of GnuPG.


It is an open-source utility that is developed for allowing the users to encrypt the files easily that is based on the kernel module of DMcrypt, thus emphasizing the LUKS design. It is one of the Linux command line encryption tools.

Final Words On Linux Encryption Tools:

All the above-discussed Linux encryption tools are known to be effective. They are concerned about the safety and security of the system and the files and folders stored in it. These encryption tools safeguard data from malicious external threats that can attack the system anytime.You can secure your account with 10 best password encryption tools.


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