Is Gmail Down Today? Why Am I Facing Gmail Attachment Issue?

The year 2020 seems to be more wild and weird than anyone might have even thought. From approximately 9:30 am IST today, thousands of Gmail users worldwide started to face Gmail outage, especially the Gmail sync issue. Not just the Gmail down issues, even google meet app and google drive app had similar problems.

The Incident

Cyberattacks are a common issue amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and network over-usage is another overwhelming situation. This morning, thousands of Google users worldwide spread across India, Japan, U.S, and Australia and, in some other parts, reported that they were unable to use Google services to the fullest. It is evident that the Gmail issue was accompanied by google meet audio issues, google drive issues, and even Gmail issues on iPhone.

Why Gmail is down today is not yet known until Google releases an official announcement. More than 2 billion users rely on G-Suite, and Gmail attachment issues had error reporting or delay in downloading new mails and also google drive issue was that it had a slower upload rate.

How Did It Happen?

There are no clear reports or detailed studies that are available as of now by any authentic sources. However, Google has stated that ‘We are continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by 8/20/20, 4:00 AM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.’ on its Google App status page.

The Impact

From reports all around the globe, it is evident that India was most affected, and some parts of the U.S., Australia, Japan, and Turkey were also affected due to issues with Gmail and google drive sync issues. It was also confirmed from online sources that even YouTube was affected along with Google Docs, Google Meet, Slack, and Google Voice.

Quick fix if you’re not able to send Gmail attachments:

Quick turnaround if you need to send an attachment urgently, use HTML version of gmail (the older version) and hopefully it should work as we tried it with some of our team members account and it worked for us.

Final Words

It is recommended that wait for further actions from the user’s side only after official announcements by concerned authorities. Always remember to act on facts and not on rumors. Google service users are also recommended in the meantime to use the older version of Gmail in case of an emergency to upload files.


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