Why Your Organization Needs An Enterprise VPN Solution In Today’s Times

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are at the center of tech discussions the world over. For IT Security teams, enterprise VPN solutions have become the byword for operations, given most employees had to shift to working from home amidst the pandemic.

A Virtual Private Network enables one to access the internet securely without worrying about threats such as online snooping. VPNs have especially become necessary for organizations, given how the business world has transformed due to the ongoing pandemic. Using a VPN is the best way for enterprises to have their employees work remotely without jeopardizing any critical organizational information assets.

VPN Capacity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Private Networks, from being just a concept to the matured technology that it is now, have come a long way. However, with the raging pandemic, it has become imperative that VPNs are the need of the hour.

Organizations Using VPNs Worldwide
Did you increase your VPN capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic? COVID-19 Impact On Organizations Use Of VPNs Worldwide 2021

(Graph Source – Statista)

The above graph amply illustrates the steep rise in the acceptability of a VPN solution. This is because the pandemic has provided the technology with an opportunity to spread itself wide to give the users a safe method to access resources from remote locations.

Reasons Why Your Organization Needs An Enterprise VPN Solution In Today’s Time

The pandemic has forced organizations to hire remote workers and allow the current employees to function primarily from remote areas. Besides, the following points lay down the importance of adopting a robust enterprise VPN solution in today’s times.

1. Accessing Company Servers Remotely

This is the primary reason why VPN access is a necessity. As an employee sitting across a desk in an office, one can access all the company resources through the designated servers. That would mean the access control of each employee has to be secured to prevent illegal entry into enterprise data centers. Using a Corporate VPN, the employee can access all the organizational resources from wherever they are working.

2. Access Control

Access control is one of the critical features of a Corporate VPN solution. Only authorized personnel are allowed to gain entry into specific areas of the organizational resource. There are different levels of access controls in place too. This allows the IT Security teams to manage the entry and exit points and prevent any insider threats.

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, as we know, is of prime concern. The security of the data is not just the professional responsibility of the organization, but it is also legally bound to look after and protect itself from any cyber threat. Enterprise VPNs have some sophisticated measures to prevent the threats exploited by cybercriminals from gaining unlawful entry into company servers and networks. Establishing a secured network and connecting all the relevant devices is vital for the business and its reputation.

4. A Cost-effective Solution

Setting up an Enterprise-wide VPN solution is one of the best investments for any organization. It allows the employees to work remotely in a safe and secured environment. There are plenty of Enterprise VPN services that charge below $10 per user per month, and with greater competition, that price will go down further. The best part is that the organization gets a robust VPN service by paying such a low price, ensuring negligible disruption to business operations. The return on investment and efficacy of such a venture is not hard to miss.

Final Words

Security of data is essential to the functioning and continuity of any organization. Cyber-adversaries employ sophisticated means to gain access to networks to steal users’ information. They may also go about wreaking untold havoc on the systems and thereby disrupting routine procedures. An Enterprise VPN Solution can help prevent such an occurrence from happening, helping you prevent your organization’s confidential data from falling into the wrong hands!

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