Ensure Cybersecurity With Free Encryption Tools

To become a successful organization, one major work is to protect the customer’s data. Using free encryption tools is a vital step that can help in doing so.

Encryption is of great help when you want to protect your data at rest and during transit. Encryption works by transforming the data into code that can only be decoded by the authorized user using the key.

Here are the 10 Best Free encryption Tools that will work as a defense line during an event of a data breach:


Encrypto is one of the best file encryption solutions through which you can encrypt the files before sending it to any other user. All you have to do is to add the file to Encrypto, set the password, and send it to the user using any method. The data in the file will remain confidential, and you can also add an embedded password hint which only the recipient could understand to decode the encrypted data.


Boxcrypto is a free encryption tool that is compatible with multiple platforms. It creates an encrypted folder that you can easily put in cloud storage. The encryption process is easy as you have to add the file inside the “Boxcryptor” folder. To access the data, open the encrypted folder inside the tool, and enter the password to decode it.


The tool is a cryptographic filesystem. It encrypts the data transparently i.e., no one can tell that it is encrypted or not unless and until he/she opens it. The file is encrypted using a volume key stored inside or outside the encrypted source directory. To access the data, the user needs to enter the password.


Sophos free encryption tool protects the data by encrypting the files as well as folder present on your hard drive. For encryption, the user can either add a single file or the whole directory to the application. After that, click on the “New” button, and a new encrypted archive will be created to contain the encrypted files. For opening the data, the user has to enter the password.


Let’sEncrypt is an open-source encryption tool that assists in the generation and automation of SSL/TLS certificates for the websites. The generation of SSL/TLS certificates enables HTTPS, which is an encryption standard. Using this tool, the user can browse securely and anonymously on the internet, preventing eavesdropping. The domain validation feature is also there for the identification of administrator keys and to ensure that the website is validated.


Tor is a free web browsing solution through which you can browse anonymously. The tool adds multiple layers of encryption to the communication until the data is reached its destination. Tor helps in preventing ‘browser fingerprinting.’


It is a library encryption solution which helps in TLS/SSL protocol enforcement. The encryption of the library can be done using various cryptographic algorithms such as AES, 3DES, Blowfish, and several others.


If you are looking for a full-disk free encryption tool, then DiskCrypto is the one for you. The tool is capable of encrypting external storage devices also. It uses AES, Twofish, and Serpent algorithms. Its other features include pre-boot authentication, two-factor authentication, file encryption, and hardware acceleration.


For keeping the email communication confidential, the OpenPGP email encryption tool will help you out. In addition to email communication encryption, it also helps in message encryption and works as a password manager.


To maintain the confidentiality of communication, message encryption is necessary, and that can be done using Telegram, a cloud-based messaging platform. It is one of the most secure messaging platforms that uses end-to-end encryption to keep the messages safe from any third party. It even allows the user to send self-destruct messages which disappear after some time.

Final Words

Maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data is a major concern nowadays, and the solution for that is using free encryption tools that keep the digital information private. With the right encryption tool, an organization can better secure itself from the adversaries.

Here maintain your data confidentiality by using 10 best encryption tools for windows.


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