Why Consulting Specialists Are Becoming A Must-have For Cloud Migration and Cloud Security

Cloud technology is assuming an increasingly critical role in the modern digital era. With the added benefits come new risks that must be tackled and mitigated. Organizations such as SIBERGEN technologies can take care of all cloud service needs while providing best-in-class cloud security.

Cloud computing is a critical technology, with more than 94% of enterprises using cloud services for processing their workloads. COVID-19 accelerated the already rapid adoption of cloud technology, making it clear that the technology is here to stay. That being said, cloud computing brings with it a different set of challenges and risks that need to be mitigated, prime among which is cloud security.

Around 70% of enterprises that hosted data on the public cloud have experienced security incidents in the past. This figure is concerning as 48% of organizations store critical, classified information on the cloud. Organizations thus need to take the help of cloud security service providers like SIBERGEN technologies for countering threats from malicious hackers and adversaries.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a system where users can store their data virtually and benefit from shared computing resources with on-demand availability.

The three types of cloud computing include:

  • Private Cloud: A third party owns cloud infrastructure and provides demand services shared between several organizations.
  • Public Cloud: The third party may or may not own cloud infrastructure, but resources are not shared.
  • Hybrid Cloud: These are a storage, computing, and services environment consisting of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise infrastructure.

Benefits Of Cloud Services

Moving to the cloud offers several benefits including:

  • Lower IT costs: Cloud computing allows organizations to purchase services and computing power as necessary depending on demand. Compliance burdens are also reduced.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility cloud technology offers organizations can be seen in its scalability, selection of prebuilt tools, options like private, public, and hybrid cloud, and choosing the desired level of control with SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS.
  • Easier Collaboration: Cloud computing allows employees to collaborate on joint projects and share files, thus increasing productivity.
  • Automatic Software Updates: Unlike regular software, SaaS is updated regularly, preventing attacks that can be caused due to outdated software.
  • Cost-Effective Staffing Services: Cloud computing-based staffing services allow organizations to hire skilled talent for cost-effectively filling critical positions.

Need For Cloud Security Services

Cloud security includes the controls, services, and tools used to secure distributed computing systems. Using an able cloud security provider allows organizations to stay protected against several cloud-based attacks like DDOS, malware, etc.

Organizations should use cloud security services for the following reasons.

  • Complicated Compliance: Since sectors such as the healthcare industry are increasingly moving to the cloud, they must abide by regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.
  • Preventing Human Errors: Most breaches in the cloud are due to human and employee error. Allowing professionals to handle cloud security prevents this to a great extent.
  • Prevent Security Breaches: The average cost of a data breach is now $3.9 million, with the figure being higher for American organizations at $7.9 million. Cloud security providers like SIBERGEN technologies help organizations mitigate risks, detect breaches quickly, and preserve reputation and financial resources.

Final Words

Organizations seeking to leverage cloud services can consult specialists like  SIBERGEN technologies, a leading cloud service, and cloud security provider. Specialists like them help organizations reach their cloud migration and security goals easily, thus lowering IT spending and increasing their Return on Investment.


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