Best Cybersecurity Certifications For 2021

Are you looking for the most sought cybersecurity professional certifications that can spearhead your career in information security? Follow this post and get to know the top 5 Cybersecurity Certifications that can help you boost your cyber-sec career in 2021.

The cybersecurity workforce in this digitized age has been strategically turning challenges into opportunities. Walking in the shoes of a certified cybersecurity professional can undoubtedly open up lucrative career avenues. Besides, if you’re new to the field, the best cybersecurity certifications for beginners will open the door for ample opportunities. As the employment trend continues to gain momentum, it is the right time to embrace cybersecurity certifications online!

5. CISA From ISACA (Cybersecurity Audit)

Designed by ISACA, CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) finds its mention among the most demanding cybersecurity certifications. This is a globally recognized certification that would train you on audit control of information security and assurance. Professionals who hunt for a cybersecurity cert to streamline their careers should consider undergoing this training. With a CISA certification, you would be competent enough to evaluate system vulnerabilities and produce reports on compliance issues. Accordingly, you can devise security controls in your organization.

4. CCSP From ISC2 (Cloud Security)

One of the highest-paying cybersecurity certifications from ISC2, CCSP is internationally acknowledged and can significantly forefront your profile. With this certification, you would gain competence in managing, designing, and securing cloud applications, infrastructure, and data.

Today, an increasing number of global organizations are embracing cloud technology. This explains the high demand for cybersecurity degrees online specializing in cloud computing. Both beginners and established professionals would find this certification valuable.

Candidates who are already employed full-time in the IT field for more than five years can apply for the program. This includes at least three years of exposure to information security and one year to cloud security.

3. CISM From ISACA (Information Security Management)

Candidates looking for a cybersecurity certification path higher than the CISA should go for the CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) certificate to gain managerial competence. If you are ready to imbibe advanced knowledge of information security management, you may go for this degree. This is one of the highest-paying cybersecurity certifications and happens to be highly sought-after.

Since this course broadly encompasses cloud management, professionals should have hands-on experience designing, managing, and supervising an enterprise’s information. CISM, certified by ISACA, focuses on four domains. These are risk management, information security governance, security incident management, and the creation and management of infosec programs.

2. OSCP From Offensive Security (For Penetration Testers)

The OSCP course from Offensive Security finds its place among the top 10 cybersecurity certifications in 2021. This particular program has been designed to make cybersecurity certifications more relevant to the real world. Most importantly, this certification is in high demand among cybersecurity professionals.

Rather than focusing on theoretical or academic aspects, Offensive Security fosters better problem-solving in the aspirants with critical thinking. The organization comes with the slogan ‘Try Harder,’ motivating professionals to think from the attacker’s perspective.

As a part of this program, aspirants would gain a comprehensive understanding of the networking principles of Linux, Windows, Python, and Bash. Before you obtain this certification, you need to clear a 24-hour examination.

1. CISSP From ISC2 (Gold Of Security Certifications)

Considering the most demanding cybersecurity certifications, the CISSP program from ISC2 finds its name at the top as 77% of the professionals who work in information security consider this certification to hold the key for the highest salary. A report published in Forbes reveals that certified CISSP professionals enjoy salaries as high as $141,452

If you are looking for a comprehensive course in cybersecurity to elevate your professional knowledge, this is the certification to go with. This program would bestow you with adequate knowledge on designing and deploying cybersecurity programs. The course encompasses risk management, security architectures, including engineering, software security, and access management.

Choosing The Right Cybersecurity Certification

Besides these certifications, you may also find CompTIA cybersecurity certifications and cybersecurity 101 interesting. Now that you are aware of the perks of each program, factor in all the aspects, such as if a particular certification can help you upgrade your current skill set, whether it can help you make your next career move, and so on. Then go for the one that suits each of your needs and goals. After all, it is you who has the sole discretion and liberty to choose the certification.

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