10 BEST Secure Mobile Applications To Look For In 2020

In a world where every link might be malware, especially in the world of technological development, Security is a primary concern. So, let’s consider the ten best secure mobile applications to find in 2020.


 The latest report on mobile business app security status in 2020 by Trend Micro (IN) shows sprawling cybersecurity concerns as follows:

  • Active use of third-party software
  • Increasing difficulties with cloud and DevOps systems
  • Code Injection attacks to access business data
  • Remote workers are posing threats to corporate networks via poorly secured Wi-Fi.

Not just the security concerns of business apps, but the presence of fraudulent apps is also leading the force, especially in 2020. Thus, to keep you out of the havoc, we’ve listed the top 10 best secure mobile applications that shall guide how to secure mobile devices:

1. Lookout

Lookout can scan websites and apps for both Android and iPhone devices. It also consists of other anti-theft features, including backing up the essential data in secure servers or tracking the phone’s location when it is about to die.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is another platform that follows secure mobile app development abilities to provide users with the highest safety. Along with the PC version, their free app also prevents theft and phishing of personal information via texts, websites, and cloud services.

3. Avast!

Go for secure mobile messaging and overall safety of apps with Avast Security and Antivirus app. The free app regulates automatic scans. It also limits unwanted messages and calls by filtering and blocking features.

4. Safe Security

Another secure mobile application comes with the name of Safe Security. The app for Google Play is designed for 360-degree protection along with a robust anti-virus engine. The app emphasizes to embark the latest technology and keep up with clean, fast, and junk-free devices

5. Last Pass Authenticator

Secure my mobile with Last Pass Authenticator, the only authenticator you need for apps. However, it’s a bit different security platform to store your essential information and account passwords. It supports just one-tap login with 6-digit generated passcodes, push notifications, and SMS codes, etc.

6. SaferVPN

Another useful app for a secure mobile workspace is SaferVPN. With this app, you can protectively browse websites with 256-bit encryption technology. The advanced system protects hackers from stealing personal and confidential information.

7. Sophos

Sophos Security and Antivirus app come with exciting features such as web-filtering, spam blocking, virus scanning, and theft, and loss protection. The 100% malware detection rate is aimed at providing productivity over design. Sophos is simple and easy to secure mobile data.

8. AppLock

Use AppLock if you want to protect each app on your mobile phone with a password. The app well answers your question, “Is my mobile secure app safe?” An intruder will access nothing if you put a ceiling on every application with AppLock.

9. Secure Call

Make sure that nobody can listen to your calls with Secure Call secure mobile application. There will end to end encryption for every call, and it can be used every time you receive and make calls.

10.Signal Private Messenger

The secure mobile messaging is ensured with the Signal Private Messenger app. An additional layer of security will be there with regular text messages. Messages will also be encrypted even when another user is not having this specific app.

Final Words

While regularly viewing the security environment, our above mentioned ten best secure mobile applications can protect you significantly. As we have discussed all kinds of apps, you can choose one as per your requirements and preferences.

So, be a leader in the security environment and have at least one secure mobile application this year!


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