10 BEST Online Encryption Tools To Have Secured Transactions

Modern-day sophistication of cybercrimes and high-profile data breaches causes a rise in demand for protecting data. To keep information safe, organizations use online encryption tools .


Over the past decade, escalation in data breaches and thefts has triggered demand in encryption tools online by businesses and individuals alike. Encryption prevents unauthorized access and modifications in data in the system, and this article throws light upon ten best encryption tools online.

1. Devglan

Devglan is one of the best 128-bit AES encryption online tools and provides space for both encryption and decryption. Devglan takes text, image, or password as input and lets users add optional IV if required along with a secret key for ciphering the information. Moreover, for .txt files and images, the encoded form will be Base64 encryption.

2. Code Beautify

Code Beautify allows users to encrypt and decrypt any data which is encrypted with a different algorithm. This online service supports algorithms such as BlowFish, DES, Serpent, TwoFish, and a lot more in addition to supporting modes such as CBC (Cipher Block Chaining), CTR, NCFB, OFB, and ECB.


Tools4noobs use mcrypt_encrypt() in PHP and encrypt a string using an algorithm like DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, and Enigma, and also it supports modes like CBC, CFB, CTR, NOFB, and OFB. Tools4noobs provide many other functionalities to its users, which is primarily written using PHP.

4. VisioSpark

VisioSpark supports free online password encryption tool and achieves encryption using public-key encryption and symmetric key encryption. VisioSpark’s password encoding tool is an MD5 encryption tool online that uses other encryption algorithms like SHA, GOST, DES, CRC, JOVAAT, and a lot more. The decryption key is only shared for encryption and the decryption side and not with any intermediaries.

5. TxtWizard

TxtWizard is a reliable and straightforward online encryption tool which supports algorithm like AES, DES, BlowFish, and RSA. It supports CBC, CFB, ECB, and PCBC modes, which can be used with any algorithm as per user request. TextWizard has tools for hash generating tools, encryption tools, text encoding tools, and text compression tools.

6. JSEncrypt

JSEncrypt is an RSA encryption tool online that uses a key of varying sizes ranging from 152-bit to 4096-bit along with a public and private key. It also uses a jsbn library written using raw variables for encryption. In other words, it is a JavaScript library to perform OpenSSL RSA encryption, decryption, and key generation online.

7. Encipher.it

Encryption with Encipher.it allows users to encode sensitive information directly into the user’s mailbox and is available as a plugin for Google Chrome. The encryption tool is open-source and can be pre-defined to be deleted after a specified period and is protected by AES 256-bit encryption.

8. Gillmeister Software

With Gillmeister software, users can encrypt any text with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, and the so-called Rijndael algorithm provides a high-security level. The online text tools also support automatic email processor, AutoText master, batch text replacer, and a lot more.

9. Cryptii

Cryptii is an online encryption tool offering modular conversion and encryption where translations are performed in the browser without any server connection. Created in 2009, Cryptii was known as FF Text convertor and gradually grew into popularity, and encryption using Cryptii could be executed by customizing the encoding and decoding mechanisms. 

10. 8gwifi

8gwifi achieves encryption using password-based encryption (PBE) where the user uses the password for encryption, and any private values used will not be stored in the site, nor is it cloud-dependent. Along with the password, a random number is hashed, and a key is derived using the AES algorithm, and finally, the receiver decrypts password for operations.

Final Words On Best Online Encryption Tools

To conclude, it is evident that the internet is undoubtedly a hub for encryption tools online. It is the user’s responsibility to select a verified and trusted online tool for safe transactions, and it is recommended to use trusted sites for encryption.


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