Explore The 10 Best Encryption Tools For Mac

Check out the 10 best encryption tools for Mac available in 2020. Be a safe user and incorporate technological advancements with the best integration programs.


“Information Protection is complicated, but not impossible!” – Anonymous

A total of 3 essential tools are there in the cyber world i.e. encryption, authorization, and authentication. Encryption is the process of data encoding to make it inaccessible or hidden from unauthorized entities. Specifically, when you’re a Mac user, it’s highly important to protect data. Use the best encryption tools for Mac to make access harder for cybercriminals.

So, let’s be more secure and explore the ten encryption programs for Mac in 2020:

1.GNU Privacy Guard

GnuPG is an open-source execution of Pretty Good Privacy. This free software is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems. All your files and data will be safe via the mechanism of hybrid encryption. The mixture of symmetric-key cryptography has used speed and keychain management.

2.Hider 2

Encrypt your files on Mac with one of the best tools with a digital storage facility. The Hider 2 secures any type of documents, notes, and photos, etc. It not only protects confidential information but also helps in the proper organization. This NSA-approved tool uses AES-256 encryption technology for data security.


Cisdem’sAppCrypt software helps you lock the different applications on your personal computer. Do you find it a hassle to keep a track of everything? Check the CisdemAppCrypt and lock everything just like a lock-in iPhone. Furthermore, it tells you a specific time of app lock and keeps track of every failed attempt on blocked apps.

4.FileVault 2

Let’s review one of the best encryption programs for Mac by FileVault. It is a Mac operating system version of the BitLocker tool in windows. FileVault 2 uses the process of password to secure all your data in one place. The heavy-duty XTS-AES-128 and 256-bit encryption are used to protect cyber criminals on the startup disk.


CipherShed is another top encryption tool for Mac in 2020. It works with macOS, Windows, and Linux systems. Even though it’s a less secure platform than VeraCrypt, people have been using CipherShed for a simple user interface. It is versatile and contains several features worth considering.


AxCrypt is a quite popular software to be used regularly. It secures files and other important data with high-end AES 128/256 bit encryption technology on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It further allows business users to manage passwords via a central platform. After encryption, your directories and files are protected with a password.


The Management Center of SophosSafeGuard connects to FileVault and BitLocker to control the keys and access credentials of various encryption folders. It is considered as one of the best encryption tools for Mac by enterprises. Windows, Mac, and Android systems are compatible with the program.

8.Iomega Encryption Utility for Mac

A compact external hard drive is available as a part of a strong Mac’s security system. The Iomega eGo is sleek and comes with encryption utility. The 3.0 USB data connector on the drive helps transfer both power and data. Capacity gauge or activity light is provided in the front of the drive for which you need to install the application from Iomega’s official website.

9.Kruptos 2

Kruptos 2 is another ideal encryption programs for Mac that is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. It can be used as a sensitive information vault and a strong password generator via the secure note editor. A file shredder is also available to safely whip the data.


Encrypto is made to encrypt files before sending any message or emails, or any other sharing with cloud storage. A password hint is created for the recipient to specifically share the encrypted files. It also lets the files be encrypted before saving them on the device.

Final Words On

Data protection is incomplete without data encryption. Exploring the available encryption options like iomega encryption utility for mac and then choosing the most convenient one is the key to ensuring a safe digital environment.

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