10 BEST Cybersecurity Online Free Courses To Become A Professional

Cybersecurity is a crucial subject for all cyber experts. Explore the cybersecurity online free courses options available and make an informed decision!

It has become essential to learn about cybersecurity and its essential features in recent times. Almost all the cyber experts should know about cybersecurity in-depth for protecting the confidential information from the cybercriminals. Thus knowing about the best free cybersecurity training online proves beneficial.

There are several paid cybersecurity courses available, but cybersecurity online free courses are a great way to acquire knowledge with minimum expenditure. In this article, we shall discuss the ten best cybersecurity online free courses.


This is one of the best free cybersecurity courses online for IT, cybersecurity, and other study material related to InfoSec. In this course, after creating a free account, the user can get access to almost 500 courses with different difficulty levels.

Here,  the user can filter classes by the level that is beginner, intermediate, and advanced, or they filter the courses by a vendor like Microsoft, ICS(2), and Cisco. In the extensive course catalog of Cybrary, it gives equal prominence to the curriculum of the learning of fundamentals of malware or the art of the Jedi mind trick.

2.US Department of Homeland Security: 

It, too, is among the best cybersecurity courses online free. It is an assured source of cybersecurity expertise. This online course portal is accessible to persons who are there in the industrial control system’s security.

3.Open Security Training: 

This course’s website consists of all the slideshows and teaching materials from the University of the Cybersecurity Department. It hosts a wide range of advanced and intermediate classes, along with the pool of lessons for the beginners. It is also among the free online cybersecurity courses with certificates.

4.Heimdal Security: Cybersecurity Online Free Course

This cybersecurity course is for the beginner’s level, and it delivers a new lesson at the interval of every two days for the five consecutive weeks. Its objective is to provide the learner with step-wise advice for protecting the personal data from the cybercriminals.

5.Sans Cyber Aces Online: 

This online free course of cybersecurity provides a simple introduction to the learners regarding the vast subject of cybersecurity and online IT that is easy to understand and follow.

6.The Complete Cybersecurity Course for Beginners:

 This cybersecurity course covers the fundamental building blocks of the cybersecurity subject. This course contains a straightforward, comprehensive, and concise curriculum that is perfect for learners with experience. The duration of this course is 12 hours.

7.Cybersecurity for Managers:

This online course is specifically for individuals in managerial positions in an organization. It covers the primary concepts about how the managers can contribute to maintaining the cybersecurity of the company.

8.The Complete CS Course:

This course is meant for a cybersecurity specialist to help the learners discover the security vulnerabilities across the entire network by utilizing the vulnerability scanning and hacking technique.

9.Hardware Security: cybersecurity online free course

 It is a free cybersecurity course that helps to examine the cybersecurity from the perspective of hardware. In this course, one can learn regarding the hardware transformation in the security systems.

10.Information Security and Risk Management in Context: 

The targeted learner of this course is the professionals with a stake in information security. It explores the techniques and cutting-edge tools for securing and defending information systems.

Final Words on cybersecurity online free courses

Cybersecurity is an up-and-coming industry, and providing free cybersecurity courses online for beginners will help a cyber enthusiast establish a flourishing career in this dynamic industry.


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